India’s Finest Luxury Destination

A jewel that touches the stardust in your soul... our legacy of royal objects d'art... our story of intricacy of workmanship.. of opulence... of rarified and refined jewels.. a treasure to own.

Goenka India started as a house of diamonteers, based out of Mumbai, who travelled the world scouting, cutting, sourcing and selling the most magnificent of diamonds and gemstones ever found. Over the years, we realised we understood the nature and potential of our gemstones best and set them into the most transcendental jewellery pieces.

As a haute diamontaire and joaillier we gained working closely with royal families and private clients who gave us invaluable insights. A glimpse into the delicate balance and aesthetics needed to create history in gemstones. Our deep commitment to creating luxury, exudes in our limited edition jewels. Our design philosophy is simple. There has to be merit in our designs, fire in our gemstones and unparalleled romance in our craftsmanship. We aim to create jewels you hopelessly fall in love with. Nothing less will do.

The philosophy of Goenka India, is to create a collection of rare jewels as well as bespoke pieces, for a discerning audience, who revels in the glory of solitaire suites and heritage jewellery inspired from the erstwhile era of the 'Royals Of India'. We stand out as jewellers, with our immense experience in sourcing the most precious and bespoke gemstones from the most coveted mines of the world. Our strength lies in our ability to deliver end to end luxury, starting from the point of sourcing the gemstones, to designing, manufacturing, then customising and certifying them by the best laboratories of the world.

We work with the famous apparel designers and stylists to create jewels that are avant- grade and in season in terms of silhouette. We work with brides to make sure the jewels are an absolute pleasure to wear on their special day and every day post that.

We are not just in the business of jewellery. We envision jewellery and then manifest it in its highest and grandest form. Our sketches are sufficient indication of the beauty of our design sensibility. We rely on our experience to create phenomenal jewels from the first stroke of pen to the final polish of enamel.

This philosophy of being exceptionally creative is closely guided and guarded by our CEO & Chief Designer, Nitin Goenka, a globally renowned diamonteer and designer. We would love to take you through our phenomenal pieces over a video call, with prior appointment and give you a taste of 'The Goenka India' experience.