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The Gentleman's Edit

'DLF Emporio hosted 'The Gentlemen's Edit' curating a showcase of the world's finest men's fashion luxury brands and experiences in fashion and Art to the Capital, a true calling out to all the men of style.

Across its three days, featured interactive workshop sessions by world-class masters in bespoke tailoring, watchmaking, calligraphy, digital design, accessories, timepieces, special edition single malts, luxury automobiles, and more, with associate partner HSBC Bank.

The event kicked off with the unveiling of artist Paresh Maity's unique edition bronze sculpture, "The Hero " - a testimony to the strength, the power and the dynamism that every individual possesses within them.

Italian luxury timepiece brand Panerai held an exhibition and an exclusive evening for attendees, giving an opportunity to a few lucky guests to learn from a two-day watchmaking masterclass and experiences like watch strap customisation and digital caricatures. On the other hand, 'watchmaker's watchmaker' Jaeger-LeCoultre offered a deep dive into each stage of their detailed build process, with a special showcase on the brand's iconic movements, REVERSO marque designs, and long history of quality watchmaking.

155-year-old Swiss legend IWC Schaffhausen was also a part of this weekend, presenting a futuristic, VR-led metaverse experience paired with a masterclass session hosted by one of their expert watchmakers.

Another key focus on The Gentlemen's Edit's itinerary was Italian bespoke fashion. DLF Emporio collaborated with three industry icons including luxury leather-based shoemaker Santoni, ISAIA featuring Europe's best fabrics and one of Italy's oldest and most reputed brand, Corneiliani. Apart from hosting a masterclass on the classic ‘patina' effect observed on well-made 100% leather shoes, Santoni also showcased a unique AR experience while displaying their new sneaker collection.

ISAIA, known for producing some of Europe's best fabrics, had on full display stylish, form-fitting silhouettes and an old-world Neapolitan charm, as made-to-measure specialist Massimo Zola showcased the art and science of bespoke men's clothing. Another one of Italy's oldest and most reputed menswear brands, Corneliani, hosted their own made-to-measure session featuring MTM artist Emanuele Frederici — turning out to be a must-visit for anyone with an eye for quality Italian suits and sports jackets.

German luxury goods manufacturer Montblanc brought a special focus on quality writing instruments, with a set of handwriting workshops conducted by calligraphy maestro K.C. Janardhan, and a special unveiling of the iconic Jimi Hendrix Great Characters collection.

Attendees also had the chance to view showcases from Giorgio Armani, Bally, Baume & Mercier, Zegna, and others at DLF Emporio’s The Gentlemen's Edit.

Present at the event were Managing Director of DLF Rental Business - Sriram Khattar, Executive Director of DLF Retail - Pushpa Bector, Vice President & Head of DLF Luxury Malls - Prashant Gaurav Gupta, along with esteemed guests including Uday and Shibani Chawla of Chawla Art Gallery, Ambika Anand, Ruchika Mehta, Ravi Bajaj, Nikhil Mehra, and Mayyur Girotra.


20th-22nd January 2023