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Luxperience – DLF Emporio X Harpers Bazaar

DLF Emporio proudly presented the inaugural Luxperience, a luxurious conclave, co-sponsored by AMEX, dedicated to exploring the dynamic landscape of luxury. This exclusive event unfolded over a full day, featuring a series of captivating panel discussions led by visionaries from the luxury industry.

The day commenced with an enlightening conversation on the iconic brand Pucci, with a member of the esteemed Pucci family, Laudomia Pucci, offering insights into the art of building a legendary brand. Participants then delved deeper into the evolving realm of luxury and luxury retail through a stimulating dialogue between Ms. Bector and the Director of Fondizone Altagamma.

The discourse continued with engaging conversations featuring prominent figures such as Kim St. Clair, Director of Hearst Group, and Kalie Puri, exploring various facets of the luxury landscape. Additionally, the event provided a platform for illustrious personalities like Harper's cover star, HH Princess Gauravi Kumari of Jaipur, and luminaries of the jewellery world including Farah Khan and Haunt Singh. Furthermore, Luxperience facilitated discussions with global couturiers Gaurav Gupta and Tarun Tahiliani, adding depth and diversity to the exploration of luxury and its evolving narratives. Throughout the day, attendees were immersed in a rich tapestry of perspectives, ideas, and insights, followed by scrumptious canapes and glasses of Moet bubbly, making Luxperience a truly unforgettable experience at the forefront of luxury discourse.

The evening session of the event was honoured by the presence of the icon Sabyasachi, a figure of such stature that introduction seems redundant. His dialogue with Kalie Puri not only left the audience inspired but also captivated and truly spellbound. Violet Chasaki's vibrant performance provided the perfect conclusion to a day that left attendees energized and grooving along. Moreover, the culinary delights provided by Indian Accent added a flavourful touch to the event, ensuring a complete sensory experience for all attendees.


24th February 2024