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Gaurav Gupta India Couture Week Fashion Show

DLF Emporio, in collaboration with Gaurav Gupta, hosted their fashion show which was a part of Indian Couture Week 2023. It was truly a night of unparalleled elegance and glamour. The evening commenced with an exquisite pre-show gathering at Cafe E, where guests were treated to an array of tantalizing cocktails and delectable canapés.

The atmosphere buzzed with excitement as attendees mingled, setting the tone for the evening.

The heart of the event was a spectacular fashion show that unfolded at SET’Z. The runway came alive with energy as models graced the catwalk, showcasing Gaurav Gupta's latest couture collection Hiranyagarbha. Each ensemble exuded creativity and artistry, reflecting the designer's unique vision and impeccable craftsmanship. The pinnacle of the evening was marked by the appearance of the sensational Janhvi Kapoor, who stole the show as the showstopper in a mesmerizing midnight blue ensemble.

After the show, the celebrations continued at SET’Z terrace, where guests indulged in appetizers and had the unique opportunity to meet and greet the visionary designer himself. This event was a celebration of haute couture and style, featuring a series of captivating moments that left an indelible mark on fashion.


27th July 2023