With the winters approaching, mosquitoes can be the biggest hindrance to enjoy the beautiful weather outside. These easy and safe methods can be followed to have a pleasurable outdoor experience.
Dress yourself appropriately in warm clothes.
Cover your hands and feet to feel the early cool breeze.
Keeping yourself under blanket when you sleep can save your body the extra energy it needs for staying warm.
With the winters approaching, mosquitoes can be hindrance, try eliminate standing water and reduce mosquito breeding sites.
Yellow incandescent lights or fluorescent lights in outdoor areas reduce the chances of mosquitoes or other insects.
Keep your house dust free, vacuum your carpets, and clean the closets and furniture.
Fight the cold weather with strong natural immune boosters like ginger and garlic. Herbal tea with honey is also a powerful cold fighter.
Regular workout will boost your immune system and overall health.
Practice healthy habits like washing hands before eating.
People tend to cut back on liquids, as the weather gets cooler. Less intake of water can be harmful for the immune system.
Water will keep you hydrated, help you regulate your body temperature, and also, flush toxins and circulate nutrients better.

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