It’s the season of shopping amongst large crowds; here are a couple of tips to make your shopping fun003

While on an escalator, ensure no shopping bags or any part of your clothes are disrupting the movement.  Escalators have an emergency stop button at the top and bottom; press this button immediately if something gets stuck or incase of any other mishap.
Avoid wearing high heels as they can cause postural imbalance of the spine, as well as increase tension of the back and legs muscles.
When you’ve made several purchases, distribute the bags between two hands rather than carrying them all on one side to avoid aching back and shoulders.
Park in safe and well-lit areas that are close to your destination. If you are shopping alone do not hesitate to ask security to escort you to your vehicle, especially at night.  Always carry your keys in your hand while walking to your car, you can use these as a weapon if necessary and also ensure that you get into your car that much quicker.
It’s important to accompany your children to the restroom and keep an eye on them around escalators.
Do not leave valuables in plain view in your car; such as cell phones, purses, clothing, etc. Put these items in the trunk or cover them up to prevent any intended theft.
Always know where the nearest exits are, in the case of an emergency situation for a safe evacuation.


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