Don't let the cold weather stop you from enjoying barbecue. We’ve got a few tips to help you master winter grilling and for you to stay safe.
Dress for the weather. Take time to put on boots, and multiple layers. Keep throws and blankets outside. On a safety note, make sure whoever is in charge of the BBQ isn’t wearing highly flammable clothes and should avoid dangling scarves and anything with tassels.
Make sure all your tools are in place before lighting the barbeque. Get your tongs, a bottle of water and a light or lamp ready before you start. If you’re grilling in the evening, keep a clip-on light or a headlamp to help you see how your food is cooking.
Have lots of fuel. There’s nothing worse than running out of fuel halfway through grilling. In cooler temperatures, you lose heat quicker and you use more fuel to keep the grill hot. Have a backup propane tank or bag of charcoal handy.
Keep a bottle of warm water on hand. The water will save you in case of a grease fire.
Be prepared for flare-ups. In cool weather, grease can pool on the bottom of your grill and catch fire. Keep a fire extinguisher ready.

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