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POPSICLES - A solo show of artworks by Surita Tandon

Popsicles a solo art show by artist Surita Tandon was held at DLF Emporio, Vasant Kunj on 22nd February 2013. The art show was a gala affair as it was attended by the glitterati of Delhi. The show was inaugurated by jewellery designer Farah Khan and the coffee table was unveiled by Sterre Sharma. The guests present at the do were Naina Mittal, Kavita Bhartia, Celina Bijli, Prerna Suba, Shallu Jindal, Suhel Seth and a few more.

Surita, who is essentially a self taught artist, has chosen to read this phenomenon through staging a confrontation between the world of accepted and celebrated icons of seduction historically and the need to introspect the sense of reality that lies beyond it.  Multiple, neon coloured flashes of erotic imagery circulate a metaphoric ‘vehicle of desire’.  A deliberate revelation of the artist’s manipulation in this strength has been through the appropriated regime of the pop art.

Surita makes immediate reference to revered consumerist brands – commonplace and luxurious in her works, keen on breaking down hierarchies of appropriate subject matter by including everyday scenes of commercial life. Photography acts as the foundation for her work in order to create a detached and impersonal effect which gains an affinity with both Pop and Minimalism.

Host & Artist Surita Tandon with Chief Guest Farah Khan Cheena Wig with Ammu Saidi
Designer Mayyur Girotra with Rahil Tandon Designer Nikhita Tandon with Friends
Divya Gurware with Payal Sen DJ Akeel with Farah Khan
Donna Chadha with Gunita Dhingra Donna Chadha, Charu Parashar with Guneeta Dhingra
Neelam Rudy Pratap with Sheetal Ansal Neena Verma with Sujata Assomul
Nishi Singh with Surita Tandon Payal Sen with Latika Khaneja
Rahil, Surita and Simone Tandon Rahil Tandon, Surita and Sanjay Tandon
Shallu Jindal with Sterre Sharma Shallu Jindal with Surita Tandon
Shelly Batra with Designer Reynu Tandon Shelly Batra with Surita Tandon
Surita Tandon with Charu Parashar Surita Tandon with Farah Khan
Thenny with Sushmita Aggarwal  



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