India’s Finest Luxury Destination


Luxury makes many statements- power, status, history, originality, sophistication & collectibles.

Rose is a result of sheer obsession, remarkable designs catering to an elite clientele in India & overseas. So exotic and so rare, Rose is a personal statement of class & beauty, acquired by a privileged few. Today Rose jewellery is presented through Rose salon in Mumbai & Delhi.

The Rose Salon redefines the aspirations & concepts of acquiring luxury. Rose is a purveyor of exquisitely crafted, individualistic, precious, works of art for the discerning patron. For more than two decades, Rose has been focusing on creating jewellery that is without comparison. Jewellery that is a result of years of experience and expertise, which ensures that every element that constitutes a Rose artifact is of impeccable quality. The Rose Salon caters to the top 6500 families of India and overseas.