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Winners of Design Awards 2018-19


“I have been hearing about the DLF Emporio Design awards since I started my college; teachers would ask all my seniors to take part in the competition. So, when I was eligible, I knew I wanted to participate for such a prestigious award. I am very excited to be able to launch my label from such a huge platform. I have already started thinking about the collection I will make. I will start production from this month. ”

Harshita Jain


“I heard about the Design Awards in 2017 through my colleagues who had participated in the event held in the previous year as well. I was working on the collection ‘Flora and Fauna’ at the time when Design Awards 2017-2018 were announced and luckily it had the same theme for the year so that prompted me to send in my best design out of the collection. I think the inspiration behind the design was a major strength and I would really like to thank the judging panel who made my design win this year.”

Shrishti Mittal


“The main force behind my participation in this contest was learning and experience. I was positive enough to gain the insights of the fashion world and the competition which existed. The major strength I have experienced during the competition was my technique, silhouettes, uniquely designed concept, social media support and the best guidance by my mentors in college. ”

Shweta Chauhan



“It means a lot to me. It will give my career a great start! A platform to showcase my potential and talent. Someone truly said, 'Hard work pays off.' It was an overwhelming moment for me when I was declared the winner. ”

Anurag Gupta (Winner – Apparel)


“I was a little nervous but I was also very confident about my designs. This is a very big title that has become attached with my name for a lifetime. It will keep encouraging me in the future and enable me to be more and more creative.”

Ishant Goyal (Winner – Accessory Design)


Sunil Chauhan (Winner – People's Choice Award)