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Winners of Design Awards 2017-18


“It means a lot to me. It will give my career a great start! A platform to showcase my potential and talent. Someone truly said, 'Hard work pays off.' It was an overwhelming moment for me when I was declared the winner. ”

Anurag Gupta (Winner – Apparel)


“I was a little nervous but I was also very confident about my designs. This is a very big title that has become attached with my name for a lifetime. It will keep encouraging me in the future and enable me to be more and more creative.”

Ishant Goyal (Winner – Accessory Design)


Sunil Chauhan (Winner – People's Choice Award)



Aishwarya Jain (Winner - Accessories)


“This contest is the best way to launch and test your market in the luxury sector. A great kickstart for my career.”

Karan Torani (Winner – Apparel Design)


Sherry Khanna (Winner - People's Choice Award)



“Showcasing my designs at the Luxury Shopping Festival will take my brand forward. Winning the award has given me instant recognition. It is one of the best platforms for emerging designers like me. ”

Mahima Mahajan (Winner - Western Wear)


“DLF Emporio Design Awards have not only recognized my work but have helped me kick start at a bigger scale than before. The awards have helped me build a clientele that understands design concepts and finishes.”

Sonali Srivastav (Winner - Indian Wear )


“The award has made me more confident, secure and ecstatic about the appetite for my out of the box designs. ”

Swati Gupta (Winner - Accessory Design)



“The competition helped me to improve and enhance my skills about different techniques used in the production process. It is an honor for me to be chosen as a runners–up of DLF Emporio Design Awards 2013-14 by such a respected board of judges. ”

Runner- Up Aiken Derbissaliyeva, G.D Goenka School of Fashion


“Winning the DLF Emporio Design Award did not end with just a certificate. Getting an opportunity to retail at DLF Emporio was the real Reward. My 'Denim Saree' collection is lucky to have been launched at just the right place. DLF Emporio Design Awards and its Reward, both proved Lucky for me and my collection.”

Anubha Jain


“I am very thankful to DLF Emporio for appreciating my hard work and giving me such a prestigious platform. It's a very big opportunity for a student designer to get such huge media coverage and collection getting retailed at place which has all the prestigious brands of the world. It has opened many doors of good opportunities for me. It feels like a dream come true. ”

Purwa NIFT, Gandhinagar, Gujrat